Thanks to the idiot “gimp” for spoiling our fun

It seems some arsehole has decided to terrorise the people of a Somerset town by dressing up in a latex “gimpsuit” and jumping out on them. Reports vary, but it’s alleged this person likes to rub his crotch when approaches people. There’s a photo of him doing the rounds, caught by a victim, with suitable media interest to follow. There are even reports of arrests being made.

I get the whole “going out in public in rubber” thing. I’ve done it. I dare say I’ll do it again. It’s fun, liberating and – if you’re with some friends – a bit of a laugh. Only for other people it can be scary, intimidating and even terrifying. Caution is required.

Whether this is someone getting the wrong end of the proverbial stick or truly something sinister remains to be seen. Either way, I’m guessing wandering around in public in latex is going to be off-the-table for a little while until things calm down again.

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