My sex education was fucked up – and no one said a thing

My sex education was fucked up – and no one said a thing

At school (back in the 80s), our sex education was delivered by a born-again christian who doubled as social studies and religious education teacher. We had some really fucked-up shit passed on as “sex-ed”….

  • AIDS was “the gays’ disease”
  • Sex shouldn’t happen between people until they are married
  • Sex is for procreation
  • Nothing meaningful about contraception, masturbation, etc
  • The biology we got from a science teacher
  • We were shown an episode of Eastenders as a warning about teen pregnancies…

… and the scoreboard shows …

  • We had 3 girls in our year (out of 45ish) pregnant before they were 16.
  • One boy fathered a child (not with a girl in our year).
  • I had my first “mutual masturbation” moment before I hit sixth form, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

Thing is, no one thought this was wrong or should be challenged. It was just accepted because parents were too embarrassed to speak to their kids about sex, and we didn’t know this wasn’t what was supposed to happen.

Add to that the raging confusion going through the head of a kid high on puberty with a growing shiny tight clothing fetish, finding himself attracted to boys and girls, and wondering if he wants to be a boy or a girl (more on that another time).

Looking back someone should’ve called it out. Guess we didn’t know better.

Before you email in, the age of consent between heterosexual people was 16 when I was at school.

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