Mask of the Mistress

Mask of the Mistress

By day she’s an account clerk with a boring job and an abusive boss. At night she’s a latex clad cam-girl. The two worlds are about to collide.

A childhood accident has left Kazumi with a scar on her face. People stare at her, but she’s used to it now. What she’s not used to is her boss calling her “Scarface” and telling her to hide when important clients visit.

With her scar hidden behind a latex mask, she spends her nights as a cam-girl. Men crave her and she satisfies her own desires to be wanted. Then a chance conversation leads her to a fetish club and into the arms of dominatrix called Reiko.

We follow Kazumi as her sadistic side is nurtured by her new lover. Leaving the webcams and private shows aside, she explores what is means to dominate men, building to the climactic encounter with her boss in his office. It’s a beating he won’t forget.

Mask of the Mistress is a great tale of revenge, latex fetishism and sadism. It features heavy rubber, BDSM, female domination and male submission.

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