Revenge of the Molested Subway Girl

Revenge of the Molested Subway Girl

Moriko rides the Tokyo Metro at night, hoping to find strangers who’ll molest her. When she encounters a Salaryman from the suburbs, she starts a chain of events that leads to revenge.

Living a dull life as a shop clerk in Tokyo, Moriko spends her nights on the Tokyo subway looking for men who’ll grope her. On a quiet train she meets an average Salaryman whose hands more than satisfy her needs. She goes back time and time again, always the same train, always his hands that pleasure her. Their lust escalates until he takes her in a station toilet.

Only the Salaryman has a wife. As Moriko embarks on an unexpected affair with her, she discovers a darker secret, one that leads to him being exposed and shamed so her lover can be free.

Revenge of the Molested Subway Girl is an erotic thriller featuring chikan, frotteurism, consensual molestation and public sex scenes. It isn’t for the easily offended.

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