When TFP meant something different to a pro-domme

Merrily minding my business when a message arrived from my general contact form. There was the usual “love your work” followed by an explanation she was looking for some images for her website and social media. “I only work TFP,” was how she closed her message.

As this is something, I’ve been thinking about doing, I replied to see where things went. There were a couple of email exchanges where we swapped ideas and nudged towards an accord. Then came a message which ended with, “I charge £150 per hour.”

In photography-land, TFP has a specific meaning. Time for Prints is when model and photographer agree to work together without fee on the understanding the former gets some prints or digital copies they can use. It’s a great way for a model to build a portfolio, or for a pro-domme to get shots for her site. It also means no one gets paid.

Having checked the original email and that I’d not missed anything, I emailed back to query the sudden move to an (incredibly expensive) professional shoot. It took a couple of hours for the reply to come back:

“TFP means time for PAY. As in you PAY to photograph me.”

At this point it’s easy to write someone off as a scammer, ghost them and forget about it. Alternatively, I could have written a sarcasm rich email, or post their messages on social media and mock them. None of these is a professional approach. Maybe she was a scammer, equally she may be new to the world of modelling and just made a basic mistake.

I replied in a polite, firm and final way I would not be hiring her as a model.

And that was it. Until a week later when her response arrived.

“Your loss.”

I very much doubt it.

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