Training the White Boy – back on Kindle

Training the White Boy – back on Kindle

After a bit of soul searching, I decided to republish my race-play erotica. Birth of a White Slave is already online, and Training the White Boy has just hit too.

A follow-up to “Training” is being worked on, and should pop out after I’ve finished my next Heavy Rubber title.

Why did I decide to return to the genre? I was clearing out my email and stumbled across the emails I got from a couple of people who were into this thanking me for writing it. Both were struggling a little with it and enjoyed reading something romantic and liberating rather than downright abusive.

I know my work won’t be winning any Nobel prizes anytime soon. If there are people who enjoy it and welcome it, fair enough.

Just remember: race play is a consensual dynamic in BDSM. Racism is thinking less of someone because of their heritage. Don’t confuse the two.

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