Training the White Boy : race play erotica

Training the White Boy : race play erotica

Neil likes his women tall, slim and blonde. But when he meets Femi, a small, curvy Nigerian woman, his world is turned upside down.

As her “white boy” a world of sadism and humiliation is opened up as she takes control of him.

We follow Neil on his willing descent into slavery: from his first spanking to deep ass worship and his use as a sex doll by Madame’s male friend. We watch him learn to enjoy permanent chastity, being humiliated in public, used as a punchbag and beaten black and blue. All the while he keeps his true wants and desires hidden from a world he knows won’t understand.

But what does Neil’s future hold? Will he finally learn to embrace accept his inferiority to the sadistic black woman? And will he take pride in his position as Madame’s white slave?

Training the White Boy is a tale of female domination, consensual sadomasochism and interracial domination. It is not for the easily offended.

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