A voice from the past needs help

A voice from the past needs help

An email from someone I once knew. A request for us to “meet up for old times sake.”

I said no.

I’ve moved on. I’m happily married. I’m content with my life (or I will be once the current messiness is over).

A rant about how wonderful it would have been if we were together comes back my way. I missed out on a great lover, a kinky soulmate, a loyal friend. There’s anger in there. Something is wrong. Something is very wrong.

My instinct is to ask her what’s happening. Reach out as one human being to another and offer comfort and support. Only down that path lies things I may not wish to see.

Perhaps, if things were different, I may have offered understanding. For now I have a wife to care for and my own health and well being to focus on.

I just hope her ranting helped clear some of the pent-up frustration I detected.

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