I’ve developed a bad habit of exclaiming “boobs!” at random moments. Usually it’s when someone appears on TV in a gratuitous, does not add to the storyline, bra shot. Othertimes I shout at Twitter.

Sometimes it’s when Tinky turns up and flashes me. This happens more often than you might think.

Whatever the reason, one of my neighbours has complained about my “inappropriate behaviour”. They pushed a note under my door to let me know about the depth of their feeling and my disgraceful sexism. Given the construction of the flats and their relative soundproofing (one my neighbours plays the piano, apparently), I assume it was someone who walked past the door at an inopportune moment.

Either way, I’ve accepted my exclamations could be construed as showing a bias towards female anatomy.

To balance things out I’ve started saying “boobs and cock!”

I trust this resolves the issue.

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