Confession: I have a fetish for Black Women.

Posted in commentary on Monday, 9th November 2020

I like Black Women. OK, let me qualify that: I like dominant black women from West Africa. I like the accent, the attitude, the curves of their figures and the colour of their skin. Unusually I know where this fetish started, who started it and how they did it.

You might be staring at the screen in horror and screaming “racist!” at the top of your lungs. You might be nodding in approval. Or wondering why “African” women and not black women in general. My only defence is fetishes are extremely complex and personal.

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Is it wrong for someone to express a preference this way?

My “preference” stands out because it is charged with social and racial tension. What about those who prefer blondes? Or large breasts? Long dicks? Beards? Suits? The list of physical attributes we all use to define a “preference” goes on.

For the vast majority our preferences won’t affect our interactions with one another. We’re able to hold two apparently competing views at once and function as normal human beings in the presence of the object of our desire. Our respect for one another puts boundaries in place that stops us becoming a jellied mess when a blonde, a man in a suit or a black woman walks past. We can proclaim strong feelings of respect towards genders or races while harbouring fetishes that outwardly seem sexist, racist or any other kind of “ist” we rally against.

The insistence we act consistently when it comes to fetishes and bigotry does more harm than good. Accepting a person finds X attractive should not be a source of shame or ridicule. Down that path lies conflict and harm and retribution. Instead it should be acknowledged as a preference and filed away.

Should they behave inappropriately towards their preferred fetish, then we should be concerned.

Until then, who or what someone finds attractive is none of your business.

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