Do you wear rubber when you shoot?

Do you wear rubber when you shoot?

I was having a chat with a potential TFP model a few days ago when the topic of “what do you wear during a shoot?” came up. “Usually loose jeans and t-shirt,” I replied. “Not rubber?” was the disappointed response.

There have been times I’ve worked with rubberists when I’ve been asked “when are you getting dressed up?” The answer is always the same – thanks, but no thanks. I’ve a job to do, which means being in something comfortable I can move around in easily. Hence the loose jeans and the t-shirt is usually pretty baggy.

For me, the professionalism of being a photographer means maintaining a distance between myself and subject. Rubber is an intensely personal and sexual thing for me, something that doesn’t sit well in a professional setting. It would feel as though I’d stepped into the image and become part of it, not least because of how Tinky and I have used photography in our rubber sex games.

If the model would feel more comfortable if the photographer is in rubber, that’s fine. They just need to find a different photographer to work with.

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