Having a week off

Having a week off

Lockdown is stressful. It’s hard work keeping yourself motivated and energised. While we started our time locked in a pokey 3 room flat together hoping for daily rubber larks and frequent bondage, those ideas quickly faded.

Instead we sunk into a world of Animal Crossing, coding and daily walks. Sometimes we walk for 6 or 7 miles, wiling away time until we eat or watch TV or whatever. Sometimes we barely make it around the block before declaring we’re “too tired” and returning for a nap.

Sleep cycles are shot. Diets are either extremely healthy or incredibly bad. Boredom is the norm.

Boredom fuels lack of creativity.

I’ve half-finished three ebooks and I can’t be bothered to do more on them.

And so I’m having a rest. A week where there’s no pressure to do anything. Where I won’t work on the site or edit images or put my fingers on a keyboard to type devilishly kinky works. Instead I’ll watch my favourite films and Tinky and I might play – if the fancy takes us. We’ll walk more and to different places to give the mind something new to experience.

Until then, Dear Reader: stay safe, protect others, save lives.

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