Is this just exploiting Coronavirus for profit?

Is this just exploiting Coronavirus for profit?

I know we rubberists have been having some fun around the Coronavirus. We’ve joked and quipped about how we’re prepared for this and shared selfies of ourselves in rubber suits and gas masks. It’s been a bit of levity in an otherwise dark time.

Then came a couple of emails from Bianca Beauchamp that set me on edge. Ignoring the “how did I get on this mailing list” question, the tone seemed wildly inappropriate. This wasn’t having fun with a kink, this was commercialising a deadly virus. Thousands have died from it. Hundreds of thousands will.

Don’t get me wrong – it isn’t the advertising that’s at issue. Now more than ever those of us who work for ourselves or run small businesses need our customers and fans. Advertising and promoting isn’t a bad thing and yes, it is something I do.

But should we exploit the virus? The lockdowns? The deaths?

Frankly I think this is poor taste.

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