Mainstream latex: can we keep it for the rubber fetish fans?

Mainstream latex: can we keep it for the rubber fetish fans?

When you’re a dedicated fetishist it’s easy to get carried away with fantasy. We see a celebrity wearing latex in public and immediately assume “they must be in to it”. Cue lots of discussions in chatrooms and forums about whether so-and-so likes to have sex wearing rubber, or if they’re just in it for the looks.

Latex is still pretty underground and carries a hint of danger with it. While leather and PVC are widely seen on the streets in fashionable styles, latex hasn’t made it to mainstream fashion. Maybe it’s the pain of putting it on, or the lack of high street options. Perhaps the association with fetish is feeding back on itself and keeping rubber as the preserve of MTV and perverts.

I could be an outlier here, but I like this edge of perversion. I like latex being associated with kink because it keeps it special. Seeing someone brave enough to wear it out on the high street gives me a thrill that doesn’t come with all the tight leather jean wearing fashionistas can’t deliver.

Of course, this could just be because I’m a massive rubber fetishist, and leather fans feel the same way about their fixation of choice. Perhaps while I revel in the occasional thrill of a rare public sighting, Leatherists walk the streets in a permanent state of arousal.

The reality for many of us is our objects of obsession are rarely into rubber as much as we would like. They’re at the whim of stylists, brand managers and trends. As witnessed when a certain Kardashian struggled into her leggings in a scene that brought gasps of horror from the masses, some are all for show and nothing for play.

Then again, isn’t that the point of a fantasy? We project an unobtainable extreme onto an unobtainable person knowing our dream can never be made real, and are all the happier for it. I wonder how many braggards would know what to do if Jesy from Little Mix turned up in her rubber bodysuit with a dominatrix’s glare, or Megan Thee Stallion appeared in latex catsuit, ready to whip you within an inch of your life.

For now, latex remains a thing for music videos and perverts. I for one am glad of it.

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