Maybe it’s time to reinvent myself

Maybe it’s time to reinvent myself

There’s been a lot going on these past few months and to be honest it got a bit on top of me.Tinky’s cancer and my scares took their toll, plus we’ve pretty much lost my U.K. business.

Big – I mean fucking HUGE – changes are coming and we’re cutting our losses in the U.K. Been talking about it for a while and I think we finally decided to make the move.

There’s little keeping us in Little England.

Tokyo’s on the target list and it created a new train of thought.

I love Japanese Block Prints and it wasn’t uncommon for artists to go through different names as their techniques evolved. Hokusai had over 30 names throughout his long career.

I’m thinking this move is a chance to reinvent. Put the old bondage and fetish behind, cut my losses and do something new. Maybe merge aspects of kink and vanilla too.

I’m playing with the idea of sun-setting “Razz” and moving on.

I’ll leave the site and my social accounts up for the time being, and my erotica on Amazon. Just I won’t add to them.

After we’ve settled in Tokyo (or wherever we land), I might reappear under a different guise. Working a different style on a different beat.

It’s just an idea at the moment. Whether it happens, we move or I reinvent is still open to debate.

But I like the idea.

Fresh start for us, fresh start for me.

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