My accidental permanent chastity slave

My accidental permanent chastity slave

Years ago, for no particular reason, I created a NiteFlirt account. It sat waiting for me to do something with it for over a year, and once my divorce was on its way, I decided to bring it into action. A profile was created, some pictures uploaded and I sat and waited for the phone to ring.

It did.

Early in this flirtation, a submissive called me who wanted a key holder. A tribute was agreed, a video recorded, and his keys turned up in the PO Box a few days later Par Avion. That was the last I heard from him. I confirmed receipt, set a task and waited to hear back. After a week I sent an OK and on week 2 I figured he’d got what he wanted and moved on.

Thing is, I still have those keys. At least I did until a couple of weeks ago when I was sorting things out. Then they went in the bin.  

I wonder if he still needs them?

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