PornHub and Mastercard: a battle for our sextertainment

PornHub and Mastercard: a battle for our sextertainment

It looks like we’re having a bit of trouble with credit cards again. Mastercard has followed Visa in blocking payments to PornHub. They’re claiming concern with Child Sexual Abuse Material appearing on the site. Surely that’s reasonable?

PornHub hit back with facts and stats, pointing to the incredibly low instances of CSAM, changes to policy and the abundance of material appearing on Facebook and Twitter. The message is pretty clear: you’re attacking us because we’re about sex.

We’ve been here before. The credit card companies have gone through phases in the past where they’ve blocked adult content. We’ve had claims about high chargeback rates, facilitating prostitution and “morality”. Each time they’ve come back because, at the end of the day, adults consume porn and even with the high chargebacks they make money.

The challenge for Mastercard now is it looks a lot like double standards are being applied. If they are concerned about their platform facilitating CASM they’re going to have to apply the same standards to every other site. Not just the adult sites like OnlyFans (now drawing a vanilla audience thanks to Cardi B), but also the Facebooks of this world.

Hopefully there will be a change of heart in the coming weeks. If not, I fear PornHub and other adult sites could find themselves going out of business.

Image by FrankieLoeon on Flickr.

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