White Cuckold to a Black Mistress

Posted in black mistress & white slave on Tuesday, 3rd November 2020

Marriage is on the horizon, but before they settle down, slave Mike has one last challenge from his owner. It’ll be his toughest yet.

After two years together, Mistress Gabbi finally accepts his marriage proposal. A life of permanent slavery and chastity awaits, only before they tie the knot there’s another torture she wants to try:


Mike has to endure the woman he loves having sex with other men, using her infidelity as a way to torment and humiliate. From telling him about her lovers to keeping him in the room while she’s unfaithful with another man, his slavery and devotion to the Ebony Goddess he loves is tested.

Then comes the final encounter on their honeymoon with a bull called Daryl.

White Cuckold to a Black Mistress follows Mistress Gabbi’s encounters through Mike’s eyes over several months. It contains themes of interracial domination, race play, cuckolding, humiliation and BDSM and is NOT for the easily offended.t

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