A bad weekend

Posted in commentary on Monday, 6th December 2021

Black and white photo of a man tying hands behind back

We had such a cunning plan. Light lunch, get the latex out, have some fun. But we all know what happens to the best laid plans.

My fault. For no reason I lost interest. It happened suddenly, hitting me like I’d run into a brick wall. I stood in front of the wardrobe looking at all the rubber clothes so carefully stored. Normally an act that on its own would have the trousers tightening.

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Only I couldn’t be bothered.

Like proper, got a chore to do I can’t be arsed to get stuck into, can’t be bothered.

Plans were set aside.

This has been happening a fair bit of late. I decide to do something, sit down to get it done, can’t be arsed. It’s why I have 9 ebooks on the go. A bunch of personal projects. And it’s weeks since I said I’d take myself off to the city for a spot of night photography, yet not a shot has been taken.

There have been some wins. This weekend’s plans were sparked by a successful bit of self-photography a while back. I’ve rebuilt the site from the ground up. Nature’s doing some pretty awesome things at the moment I’m enjoying.

Anyway, enough grumbling. Whatever’s causing this malaise will, I’m sure, make itself known. When it does I shall tackle it head on, slap it about a bit and get on with life.

Until then, here’s to frustration.

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