“Forced” to sleep

Posted in lifestyle on Monday, 13th December 2021

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This was a somewhat odd and unexpected, yet strangely satisfying, scenario that was played out some years ago.

I was with someone I played switch games with. We were less Mistress and slave, or Master and submissive, but moved easily between the roles. That  afternoon I started as the top, but by evening we'd switched and I was on the bottom.

By about ten I was in my leather bondage sack, very tightly constricted, laid out on her spare bed with various ropes stopping me from moving. My cock was out and being played with (lot of orgasm denial), my nipples were clamped (ouch, I hate that!) and my masked head had the zips shut over my eyes and my mouth open, but only so my tongue could poke through the ring gag and lick what she presented to me.

All good so far and needless to say I was in quite a state of arousal. But then ...

My mouth was held open by a ring gag, so I didn't have much choice but to swallow the pill, or the water that went after it. She started whispering to me, talking in soft tones, telling me to relax and calm down. Still stroking my cock though.

It took about a minute for me to start to feel the effects of the drug. I felt tired. Deep tiredness. Exhausted almost.

It came up over me, washing over me and taking me down.

The ring was removed. I would have said something, but I was feeling so tired.

Instead I let her put the small, soft rubber plug in my mouth and close the zip.

It was a strange, unreal sensation as she released the clamps from my nipples. I felt the pain, and felt the blood surge back in. Felt her blow gentle, cold air on them. Yet somehow it didn't feel like me. Didn't feel like she was doing it to me.

As I slipped further towards sleep.

The zips closed over my chest.

I felt her hand leave my cock, and the zip closed over it.

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And heard her voice whisper sweet nothings in my ear.

And drifted...

And drifted...

And drifted...

I woke in the morning still in the sack, only it wasn't strapped down. My mask was gone and my arms were free inside it.

I felt so rested it was unbelievable!

Nytol. An over-the-counter drug to help insomniacs like me sleep.

Apparently it is also useful for sub/domme games.

With the bondage sack she robbed me of control over my movements;

With the zips she robbed me of my ability to control my arousal;

With the Nytol she robbed me of all control of my body.


A word of caution

This had been talked through before we did it. I'd used it many times before, and knew the effects on my body. Don't try this without a very long conversation and a dry run or two before.

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