Spandex catsuits: a blast from the (fetish) past with Turkish

Spandex catsuits: a blast from the (fetish) past with Turkish

Another lockdown beckons and plans to dust off the spandex and return to the studio are set back. Not to worry, I have a large archive of fetish and bondage images to draw on.

These are at the vanilla cheesecake end of the scale, featuring a model called Turkish. This led to a hilarious exchange with a fan of hers.

“Who is she?”

“She’s Turkish.”

“Yes, but what’s her name?”


Repeat ad nauseum.

Fetish model Turkish stretches for the camera, showing off her body in a tight spandex catsuit
Turkish poses for the camera in a tight spandex catsuit

A change of costume (believe it or not)

Showing off her body and pert bottom, this is Fetish Model Turkish in a tight spandex catsuit.
A more casual look from Turkish, a fetish model wearing a spandex catsuit

If you’ve enjoyed these photos of Turkish in wearing a spandex catsuit, you’ll find prints available on my DeviantArt account.

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