Watching women in latex: a way I like to relax

Posted in lifestyle on Friday, 11th June 2021

Video screen shot of a woman's bottom as she walks wearing latex catsuit and corset
Finding my heavy rubber girlfriend

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I've found a new way to relax. It's pervy, but it seems to do the trick.

I watch videos of women walking around in latex.

"Watch" might be a strong term. I put them on a second monitor and let them play while I work. They run in the background and from time to time I look across and enjoy an arse or the scenery or a cheeky smile.

None of this is the freaky "candid" stuff shot without the subject knowing. It's professionally produced and sold. Most was collected over the years from the various membership sites I've joined. A few new ones have joined the collection in recent weeks.

You probably think I spend hours on the proverbial edge, excited beyond measure and jerking away until my right arm is the size of Thor's. I mean, a diehard rubberist like me should be on seventh heaven with all this rubber moving around.


Only that isn't what happens. I feel my heartbeat slow and my breathing deepen and I just calm down for a minute or two. Of course, then the kink kicks in and excitement starts, at which point I turn back to my work.

The return of Aiko's Rubberman

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My theory is the ambient noise and scenes puts me in mind of being outdoors. It takes me from the relative isolation of working from home and lockdowns and takes me to these places. The outdoor sounds are a counter to the silent hum of a laptop's fan, and the ever-present sense I am indoors.

There's no doubt in my mind these videos have a positive impact on my "mental health". Whether they are a welcome distraction or something deeper escapes me, and I'm not sure I care. All I care for is the peace and relaxation they bring.

If working from home is tough for you, I'd suggest giving it a go. Find a few videos, set them running on a second screen and get back to work. Don't concentrate on them, let them be soothing ambience.

Here's three to get you started.

Latex Belarus (where the image for this article comes from)

Photor's Project L

Dana Labo (mostly wetlook, but there's some latex in there too)

Mask of the Mistress

By day she's an account clerk with a boring job and an abusive boss. At night she's a latex clad cam-girl. The two worlds are about to collide.

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