We should credit the creators when we retweet great images

Posted in commentary on Wednesday, 3rd March 2021

One of the (many) things that irks me on kinky Twitter is the endless sharing of stolen images. Sometimes they’re used by a person trying to convince us they are the model in the badly cropped photograph. Usually its bots and kinksters endlessly sharing images they’ve nicked off websites or other people’s feeds. If you’re lucky there may be a credit, just don’t hold your breath.

It’s difficult for me to “cast the first stone” as I have done this in the past. Sort of. I retweet a lot of other people’s content and some of that has been from accounts who “liberated” images. If I’ve done it to you in the past I apologise.

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I’m trying to correct this by sharing images from the original source – at least as far as I can tell. If I find an image being retweeted I want to share, I’ll RT the original. Of course, I’ll reserve the right to add my sarcastic take to it.

Right now I think creators need all the help they can get, especially the professional players, models and photographers who’ve found work hard to come by of late. If you are sharing people’s work, I encourage you to include a link to their website or tag their name. Anything to let people know where it came from.

And if you find one of yours lurking in my tweets please, please give me a shout and I’ll put it right.

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