Remembering my old home studio

Posted in commentary on Wednesday, 8th June 2022

Black and white photograph of a white woman with her hands tied behind her back, looking to the right.

It wasn’t complicated: just a trio of lights, a couple of backdrops and various clips and tripods to hold things together. And the drop-leaf dining table. God, I loved that table.

Putting it together took about 15 minutes. I knew where everything went almost intuitively. Then it was just sit and wait for the model to show up (one no-show in all the time I shot there, and she got caught in a flood – long story).

It gave me so much flexibility. I didn’t have to find a studio, or pay for it. That took away the pressure to book models back-to-back. I could experiment more. Play with styles and themes. I think that came through in my work, and certainly there are a lot more “behind the scenes” shots where we’ve degenerated into fits of laughter.

Maybe I should put a new studio together. It’s not like I don’t have the space.

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