Commentary on aspects of the BDSM scene


Taking stock of where my writing is

Black Mistress ties the hands of an ebony submissive behind her back in bondage

I’ve been unable to publish much these past months. It isn’t for the want of trying.


A day in latex (or why ignoring your fetish for a few months is bad for your mental health)

Photograph of a man in a latex gesturing to the camera

After months of letting the vanilla world get the better of me, I gave my sexuality free reign. Welcome back, latex loving Razz!


Sex shops and bondage magazines: what the download generation are missing

Scan of the inside of a bondage magazine showing a young woman tied up by train tracks

Easy access to porn downloads is robbing us of a vital part of our sexual education – the thrill of buying bondage magazines in sex shops.


American Horror Story: appropriation of the fetish culture?

Scenes from An American Horror Story Rubber (Wo)man

The latest AHS story has a latex gimp as a central character. Is is appropriation from the latex fetish subculture?


“Keep away from Pride, Kinksters” is ignoring LGBTQ+ history

A man in a latex puppy suit at the Pride of London march

Calls for kinky gimps to hide away at Pride stink of hypocrisy. Isn’t this the same behaviour mainstream LGBTQ+ created it to protest?


Who’s the loser now?

Findommes: Getting the “L for Loser” pose takes time and practice.


When will BDSM “come out”?

I look forward to the day when BDSM is accepted as a sexuality as homosexuality has largely become. How long will I have to wait?


We should credit the creators when we retweet great images

We all share images and videos on Twitter, but we don’t always credit the creator. It’s time to start showing our appreciation with an RT.


Is your fantasy cheating on your lover?

A fantasy is a deeply personal affair. Is it right to think of them as cheating when someone other than your partner stars?


Should I have greater diversity in my fetish photography?

Society is asking questions about diversity and representation. Should that extend to a humble fetish photographer?


Mainstream latex: can we keep it for the rubber fetish fans?

While celebs and music videos feature latex, it has never been mainstream fashion. Maybe the links to fetish is what keeps it special.


PornHub and Mastercard: a battle for our sextertainment

As Mastercard and Visa crack down on Pornhub, the question has to be asked: who will be next?

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