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Training the White Boy – back on Kindle

Training the White Boy – back on Kindle

After a bit of soul searching, I decided to republish my race-play erotica. Birth of a White Slave is already online, and Training the White Boy has just hit too.

A follow-up to “Training” is being worked on, and should pop out after I’ve finished my next Heavy Rubber title.

Why did I decide to return to the genre? I was clearing out my email and stumbled across the emails I got from a couple of people who were into this thanking me for writing it. Both were struggling a little with it and enjoyed reading something romantic and liberating rather than downright abusive.

I know my work won’t be winning any Nobel prizes anytime soon. If there are people who enjoy it and welcome it, fair enough.

Just remember: race play is a consensual dynamic in BDSM. Racism is thinking less of someone because of their heritage. Don’t confuse the two.

An aside

Let’s just call it what it is – a sexual assault

Bad scenes at Tokyo’s massive Cosplay event. A Chinese cosplayer was assaulted by a mob of camera carrying arseholes determined to get up-skirt photos.

There’s a lot of mob mentality floating around in here, and the further out the more I’m inclined to be generous and think people are curious about the mob. But right in there, with your camera pointing at a crying girl in distress, snapping away trying to get shots up her skirt?

I know there probably won’t be any criminal charges brought (this is Japan, afterall), but I hope they’re outed on Twitter and shamed into apologies.

And for the rest of us? Let’s learn something from this.

An aside

Thanks to the idiot “gimp” for spoiling our fun

It seems some arsehole has decided to terrorise the people of a Somerset town by dressing up in a latex “gimpsuit” and jumping out on them. Reports vary, but it’s alleged this person likes to rub his crotch when approaches people. There’s a photo of him doing the rounds, caught by a victim, with suitable media interest to follow. There are even reports of arrests being made.

I get the whole “going out in public in rubber” thing. I’ve done it. I dare say I’ll do it again. It’s fun, liberating and – if you’re with some friends – a bit of a laugh. Only for other people it can be scary, intimidating and even terrifying. Caution is required.

Whether this is someone getting the wrong end of the proverbial stick or truly something sinister remains to be seen. Either way, I’m guessing wandering around in public in latex is going to be off-the-table for a little while until things calm down again.

An aside

A profound observation from my daughter

“If feminists keep telling me to stop watching porn we’re breaking up.”

She realised she’d said it out loud and blushed.

I’m proud of my daughter.

An aside

My weekly Fetlife friend-not-friend

It happens about once a week. A certain person, who shall remain nameless, likes an image and then asks to become bosom buddies on Fetlife. No message, just a friends request. I decline.

To be fair, I decline most friends requests as I’m not in that game. There’s a “Follow” button you can use. Otherwise I’m a choosy bugger.

I don’t block him. He’s done nothing wrong bar not read a profile. I’m not that much of a bastard. So I decline his request and wait another week.

Wonder if I’ll miss him when he finally gives up?

An aside

I am an arse!

I am an arse!

One of the problems with clearing out the old site is I lost track of some of my images. As a consequence, I’ve accidentally shared the same image more than once.

Apologies and I will try and do better.

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