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Hands tied behind her back

Black and white photograph of a black woman with her hands tied behind her back

Tying a submissive’s hands behind their back is the perfect way to molest a bottom.


Black and white photo of Franka

Girl in fetish lycra catsuit posing

It’s a simple image, and I love it. No bondage, no overt fetish themes. Just a beautiful woman being gorgeous. What’s not to like? Enter a world where Black Women dominate their male submissives. Available on Kindle


A latex shoot from years ago

Photograph of a woman in a red and black latex catsuit standing in a field

From one of the few latex photoshoots I did. Taken years ago in a field somewhere in England.


Bondage with Freya

Black and white photograph of a woman with her hands tied behind her back in rope and wearing a spandex catsuit or unitard

From a bondage photo session in a hot glass house, Freya has her hands tied behind her back.


Loose rubber

Photograph of a man in a loose latex rubber suit and gas mask

Not all latex has to be tight and black to be fun – as my trusty rubber funsuit proves.


A little rubber fun

Black and white photograph of a young woman in a latex rubber bodysuit wearing goggles and holding a whip

A forgotten photo of Sinead channelling her inner Steampunk Domme.


Rebekah Raynor: spandex, bondage, what’s not to like?

Fetish model Rebekah wears a tight black spandex catsuit and corset for this flashback bondage and fetish shoot from the archives.


Spandex catsuits: a blast from the (fetish) past with Turkish

Another lockdown means diving into the fetish image archive once more. Here is fetish model Turkish in a gorgeous spandex catsuit or two.


Nathalia: hogtied in bondage

My third bondage shoot with Nathalia started well. She had changed her look and name, and I failed to recognise her. Still – bondage ensued!


Sabina in red spandex bondage

A long forgotten shoot featuring Sabina in red spandex catsuit and rope bondage.


Rebekka in Rubber

Rebekka Raynor models a rather fetching latex dress. I must get back in the studio one day.


An alternative to Ikea

If you fancy a new coffee table there’s no need to go down to Ikea. Just get your friendly submissive down on her hands and knees and use her instead.

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