Articles on the BDSM lifestyle, from finding partners to the intimacy of play.


Taking care of latex clothes

Photo of latex care products in their bottles including Vivishine and Pjur Cult

A few minutes invested in caring for your rubber wear will save you hundreds of dollars replacing worn out or damaged latex clothes.


“Forced” to sleep

Photo of a black woman in a green spandex catsuit with her arms folded across her chest

An intense femdom game turned into something more relaxing. Gags and bags and nytol played their part.


Watching women in latex: a way I like to relax

Video screen shot of a woman's bottom as she walks wearing latex catsuit and corset

When I need to relax I fire up a second monitor, load a video of a woman in latex walking the streets, and the world becomes a better place


“Keep away from Pride, Kinksters” is ignoring LGBTQ+ history

A man in a latex puppy suit at the Pride of London march

Calls for kinky gimps to hide away at Pride stink of hypocrisy. Isn’t this the same behaviour mainstream LGBTQ+ created it to protest?


There are times I wonder if a fetish is worth the hassle

Sometimes having a rubber fetish can seem like too much hassle. Or maybe this is just another quarantine fueled dip.


Lessons from a Fetish Lockdown

As England and much of Europe enters a second lockdown, what lessons can a kinky, self-isolated fetishist offer from the first?


I’m in my own world of calm – don’t spoil it

As the world of Twitter becomes increasingly fraught, I’ve found a little piece of calm where I can preserve my mental health.


Farewell, old friend

My gas mask has been with me for most of my rubberist adventures. Sadly all good things have to end.


Curse of the unsolicited BDSM dating message

Unsolicited messages setting out what the sender would like to do to you are a part of the BDSM dating scene. Replying is pointless. Blocking is better.


Exposing my vulnerable side to the woman I love

Sack time is a way I can release stress. Tinky plays the role of service top – and for an hour or so I put complete trust in her in a way only a man could.


Damn, I miss Zentai

Zentai is a fetish where a person covers themselves entirely in spandex. It’s a liberating fetish, and easier than total latex enclosure or heavy rubber.


Woman in a window: musing on the isolation of lockdown

During the lockdown a woman in a flat opposite took to pressing her breasts against her window. Maybe she was craving the subtle interactions lockdown stole

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