Articles on the BDSM lifestyle, from finding partners to the intimacy of play.


Cancer, kink and trying to find “normal”

Tinky had cancer and it had a profound effect on our kinky relationship. We’re finding a way back to BDSM because we both want to be whole again.


Online domination: a convenient, thrilling form of BDSM

You don’t have to visit a Dominatrix in person to enjoy submission. Many Masters and Mistresses offer online domination for the virtual submissive.


Friday, 17th January 2020

Amazon wouldn’t let me publish this on KDP. They never told me why. Still, their loss, Smashword’s gain(!)

Riding the bus in her schoolgirl uniform, Bunny draws a lot of attention. Unsurprising as she’s beautiful, black and a little too old for the short skirt and jumper.

To Blackmail a Dominatrix

Risa has everything: a good job, a relaxed lifestyle and a husband who worships her. Now she's being blackmailed to be a Gaijin's submissive.

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When she turns up at her older lover’s home an evening of intimate pleasure starts that will change her life forever. As she’s told off, spanked and dominated she gives herself completely to the man she calls “Daddy”.

Lil’ Bunny is a 10,000 word love story that features interracial age play, spanking and domination. It is not for the easily offended.

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How to teach your submissive face fucking

If you want your submissive to swallow ALL of your cock don’t expect them to take it first time. Teaching them to bypass their gag reflex can be fun though.


Saturday, 15th June 2019

Writing a fetish profile is a labour of love for some, a terrifying ordeal for others. On Fetlife you can write entire novels, on Twitter you have less than 150 characters.

So how do you get those words onto the page.

Mask of the Mistress

By day she's an account clerk with a boring job and an abusive boss. At night she's a latex clad cam-girl. The two worlds are about to collide.

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First, be natural. Write what you feel rather than trying to conform to some preordained “winning format”.

Don’t think you have to write something and that’s it. You can rewrite it as often as you want.

Finally, don’t forget few people read profiles. You’re better off investing time in networking, sharing blog posts and being a participant in a community than fretting over a few words on a page.


Fakes and flakes and swipe right profiles

The pressure to stand out in an age of “swipe right” has led many to use old, heavily photoshopped or even fake profile photos.


You don’t need to find a “mistress” to indulge your fetishes

How to hire a sex worker

Having a fetish doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Nor does hiring a sex worker mean you have to go with a professional dominatrix.


Monday, 6th May 2019


Don’t let someone else’s writing upset your kinky Mental Health

Bound hands behind back

Wrapping yourself up in knots over the latest writing about your fetish isn’t good for your mental health. Relax. Unwind. Enjoy it for what it is.


Saturday, 27th April 2019


Does BDSM race play empower racists?

Photograph of a black woman in a PVC bodysuit with her hands tied up above her head

An encounter with a white supremacist forum on BDSM race play awakened an uncomfortable question. Our games may be consensual, but do they empower racists?


Sometimes things don’t go quite the way you expect

Things don’t always go the way you want. Now our plans are in tatters we’ve found smiling is helping us work through our problems and move forwards.

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