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An aside

Be thankful for the unsung heroes of the kink community

The BDSM community is underpinned by a network of contributors and supporters whose efforts are often unrecognised. An army of volunteers, activists, educators, bloggers and creatives toil endless hours to help promote the scene as a safe and welcoming place. Some progress to become “celebrities”, a few find a living from their kinks. Most are unrecognised and unrewarded.

Their hard work is what allows fetish clubs, workshops, websites and safe spaces to exist. Their investment of time, energy and money makes these things to happen so we can all enjoy them.

Instead of beating up these unsung heroes because we didn’t like event x or they have a paywall on their site, let’s celebrate their efforts. Let’s acknowledge their hard work, even if it doesn’t quite resonate with our particular brand of kinkiness.

Without these great people I for one would not have had the opportunities to grow my fetishes and find happiness.

An aside

My photography in 2019

My photography in 2019

I want to change the way I photograph. Sure, I’ll work with models. Maybe more than I did in ’18.

Only I want to spend less time in the studio, more time working with “real” people.

I want to document.

I want to capture couples enjoying their fetish.

Mistresses rewarding their slaves.

Masters binding their submissives.

Love deserves to be documented and shared, particularly when it is seen as subversive and damaging by a moral minority who do not understand the complexities of human nature.

An aside

I use a sex doll

No, really. I have an inflatable sex doll.

Now, before I get accused of over sharing, let me explain WHY I have an inflatable sex doll…

I practice bondage on it.

Before I walk into a studio I will practice on the sex doll to make sure my ties are right, I know which bit of rope is going where and that I’m not putting too much pressure on joints and muscles.

Which I know sounds daft, but it is just how damned committed I am to taking good shots!

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