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An aside

Life in a Lens

Life in a Lens
An aside

Note to self: I’m allergic to pets

From time to time I like to shoot models in their homes. It creates some variety in my work, not just in the images I produce but also the way I have to produce them. I’ve had some great home shoots.


I’m allergic to animals. Well, to the fine dust that gets given off from under the fur. It can be quite debilitating and even after some antihistamine tablets I’ll usually be suffering.

Which is why I feel sorry for Ola.

I was pretty much looking forward to shooting with her at her flat.

An aside

True Story

Could we have a photo, they said.

Of course, I said and sent one.

Of you, they said.

Don’t be silly, I said.

An aside

Been neglecting life lately

For the past few weeks I’ve been neglecting the blog. Pressure of work has taken me away from it and meant I’ve not had the creative juices flowing enough to write new stuff or commit to taking new pictures.

That pressure is coming off now and with a bit of luck everything will settle down over the next fortnight and everything will drift back to normal.

Thanks for being patient with me.

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