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Is your fantasy cheating on your lover?

A fantasy is a deeply personal affair. Is it right to think of them as cheating when someone other than your partner stars?


Rebekah Raynor: spandex, bondage, what’s not to like?

Fetish model Rebekah wears a tight black spandex catsuit and corset for this flashback bondage and fetish shoot from the archives.


There are times I wonder if a fetish is worth the hassle

Sometimes having a rubber fetish can seem like too much hassle. Or maybe this is just another quarantine fueled dip.


Spandex catsuits: a blast from the (fetish) past with Turkish

Another lockdown means diving into the fetish image archive once more. Here is fetish model Turkish in a gorgeous spandex catsuit or two.


Should I have greater diversity in my fetish photography?

Society is asking questions about diversity and representation. Should that extend to a humble fetish photographer?


Mainstream latex: can we keep it for the rubber fetish fans?

While celebs and music videos feature latex, it has never been mainstream fashion. Maybe the links to fetish is what keeps it special.


PornHub and Mastercard: a battle for our sextertainment

As Mastercard and Visa crack down on Pornhub, the question has to be asked: who will be next?

Neo-Pink Tales

Queen of the No-Limits Bukkake Club

How much humiliation and degradation can one woman endure? Takuzo will find out as she becomes the latest star of the No-Limits Bukkake Club.


The shop where my fetish grew up

My first fetish clothes didn’t come from a sex shop. They were bought from an elderly lady in the town keeping a store open as something to do


Nathalia: hogtied in bondage

My third bondage shoot with Nathalia started well. She had changed her look and name, and I failed to recognise her. Still – bondage ensued!


Confession: I have a fetish for Black Women.

Fetishes are complex, personal affairs that can seem contradictory and at odds with our public persona. Which is why they call it a fetish.

Black Mistress & white slave

White Cuckold to a Black Mistress

Marriage is on the horizon, but before they settle down, slave Mike has one last challenge from his owner. It’ll be his toughest yet.

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