An aside

Being kept waiting…

Being kept waiting…

… is a terrible thing.

The mind plays over the possibilities.

The body moves restlessly.

The soul craves the touch of intimacy.

Time crawls by so slowly.

All I can hear is the beating of my heart and the endless ticking of the clock on the wall.

I want it to end and yet I know that when it does, when we are finally together, that will be the start of a new ending. The one where time races past and my body and senses and soul explode and ecstasy takes me.

And then waiting will start again.

An aside

Boring relationship stuff : make a will

I’ve known quite a few people in the BDSM scene who have lived together but never married: I happen to be in the same boat.

This is a reminder that just living together doesn’t mean you’re taking care of your partner. There’s no concept of a “common law wife” in UK law, so if you don’t make a will there could be problems when it comes to sorting out the estate.

I know it’s really plain and boring, but just make sure you’re taking care of your partner.

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