Privacy, Terms etc

I can’t be bothered to read long and complicated privacy policies and terms and conditions, so I’ll keep this short and to the point…

I don’t share your data

Any data I get about you from this site stays with me. That includes stuff like which pages you look at, which links you click on, blah blah blah.

Queen of the No-Limits Bukkake Club

How much humiliation can one woman endure? Hostess club barmaid Takuzo is on a mission to find out.

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Yes, I use them. They’re restricted to this site only – I stopped using Google Analytics at the end of 2018. If you see a Google one – sorry – it’s old stuff.

Seeing what I know about you

You’re welcome to ask, just don’t expect anything back. I delete emails every week and unless you’re someone I’ve worked with I won’t hold anything about you.

(Sorry, you’re not that interesting!)

Liability for what you read

This site is purely for entertainment value. Read something, try it out, all goes wrong – well, that’s on you.


Everything is copyright to me (unless I explicitly say otherwise). Don’t be a dick about how you share it – so no posting it on other sites and claiming it’s you or you took it or whatever. And no cropping off my watermark.

Don’t steal my shit

That’s enough said about that.

A Young Idol's Bondage

Reiko is bound, gagged and at the mercy of a much older man. She couldn't be happier.

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