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Real People

All of the following are real kinksters and fetishists that I happen to know and talk to.

If you’re interested in a blend of erotica and blogging, then Kayla Lords is someone with a site worth visiting.


Goddess Dark Bonita is a professional dominatrix and financial domme who has some fascinating and insightful views.

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Clothing and Equipment Suppliers

Finding good quality clothes and bondage equipment can be a nightmare. All of the companies listed here are ones that I use to source mine from and that I would recommend to friends.

Honour is one of the UK’s largest fetish suppliers. Much of my rubberwear and bondage equipment comes from here.

I’ve got a couple of items from Skin Tight Rubber, including my favourite catsuit. Excellent fit, good quality latex throughout. Certainly recommended if you need something made to fit better than off the shelf.


With so many shops catering mostly to the female of the species it is refreshing to find one just for blokes. Regulation London‘s range of latex wear is both extensive and damned good quality.

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Female Submission Sites

A great collection of sites featuring the female as the submissive, be she in bondage or not!

office perils

Elizabeth Andrews produces some top-notch bondage. Her Clips4Sale store is full of wonderful role plays, fetishwear and damsels in distress.

office perils

If you haven’t guessed already I do like spandex and bondage. Shinybound has the same philosophy and produces an excellent blend of videos and images.


I like rubber. I like submissive women. I love the intimacy and sensual nature that comes with this site. It genuinely feels like a window on the amazing kinky sex life of a happy couple.


Most of the time I prefer more sensual forms of bondage and domination. When I let rip and go for full blown BDSM then I have to say Sexually Broken provides some inspiration. It’s brutal and unrelenting, yet incredibly erotic with it.

The easy going style on Serving Master makes it a joy to read. The posts are few and far between, but then they arrive they’re worth ploughing through.

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Female Domination Sites

This isn’t just a random collection of websites. Each one I am currently or have been a member of and recommend.

Kinky Mistresses - Sexy Hardcore Femdom Videos by Lady Natalie Black and Friends

There are two things I love about Kinky Mistresses: the first is that the scenes can be pretty damned inventive; the second is it features two of the most amazing Ebony mistresses I’ve come across.

Femdom CP Movies

With lots of latex, leather and hard BDSM videos, Femme Fatale Films is an excellent place to get a Femdom fix.

Black Girls, White Slaves is a special place for me – it might not have the most amazingly convoluted femdom scenes, but it helped a good friend of mine understand how to unlock her dominant side.

Back in the day, when I was still exploring my sexuality and what role I was comfortable with, Cruella was my fix. A femdom magazine that was a bit edgier than much of what I’d seen before. Pleased to report an online archive has appeared.

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Kink Friendly Social Networks

There are a few social networks and dating sites out there. Get a membership, get networking.

FetLife is one of the largest kink communities on the net. As well as the usual profiles and pictures there are groups for specific fetishes and topics and a handy list of local events.

Latex Wiki is not really a social network, but is a useful resource that contains a lot of information about rubber fetishism and some of the associated kinks. Worth bookmarking and dropping into if ever you come across a term you don’t understand.

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General Links and Sites

These are sites that you might find useful, but which I don’t have any particular connection with.


Professional dominatrix in Cleveland, Ohio.


Pay per view bondage site dedicated to black women in bondage.

If you’re looking for a good set of resources to explore I found Submissive Loving a good place to pop by.

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