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Black and white photo of Franka

Girl in fetish lycra catsuit posing

It’s a simple image, and I love it. No bondage, no overt fetish themes. Just a beautiful woman being gorgeous. What’s not to like? Risa has everything: a good job, a relaxed lifestyle and a husband who worships her. Now she’s being blackmailed to be a Gaijin’s submissive. Available on Kindle


A latex shoot from years ago

Photograph of a woman in a red and black latex catsuit standing in a field

From one of the few latex photoshoots I did. Taken years ago in a field somewhere in England.


Bondage with Freya

Black and white photograph of a woman with her hands tied behind her back in rope and wearing a spandex catsuit or unitard

From a bondage photo session in a hot glass house, Freya has her hands tied behind her back.


Rebekah Raynor: spandex, bondage, what’s not to like?

Fetish model Rebekah wears a tight black spandex catsuit and corset for this flashback bondage and fetish shoot from the archives.


Sabina in red spandex bondage

A long forgotten shoot featuring Sabina in red spandex catsuit and rope bondage.


Natahlia: a catsuit and bondage

The beautiful Natahlia in a latex catsuit and bondage.


Fiona : latex

Girl in latex corset posing in kitchen

The latex catsuit and corset fitted Fiona rather well.


Yeah, you laugh now…

Alisha and Odette might be laughing now, but about 20 minutes later the rope came out to play!


The girl in the rubber catsuit

Portrait of an asian girl in latex catsuit by a wall

A small gallery of photographs featuring an Asian fetish model, a latex catsuit and a brick wall.


Just vanilla

Bad Dolly poses by a window in Spandex

Bad Dolly features in a moody portrait shot. No fetish, no bondage. Just an attractive young woman.


Back to back they faced each other

Two models in photoshoot laughing

Harley and Alisha are bound together. Small problem: Alisha is about five feet tall and Harley a good six inches taller. It made for some interesting manoeuvring as we worked the shoot through.


Danii-Marie : boxing gloves (sort of)

In her spare time Danii-Marie does kick-boxing. She usually uses boxing gloves, not bondage mitts. Still, a lesson in how not to mess with this young lady.

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