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Kesetta: not quite suspension bondage

Black and white photo of an ebony submissive woman wearing a spandex catsuit in rope bondage with her bare feet towards the camera

A failed attempt at suspension bondage gave us an opportunity to please the foot fetish fans…


Hands tied behind her back

Black and white photograph of a black woman with her hands tied behind her back

Tying a submissive’s hands behind their back is the perfect way to molest a bottom.


Confession: I have a fetish for Black Women.

Fetishes are complex, personal affairs that can seem contradictory and at odds with our public persona. Which is why they call it a fetish.

Black Mistress & white slave

White Cuckold to a Black Mistress

Marriage is on the horizon, but before they settle down, slave Mike has one last challenge from his owner. It’ll be his toughest yet.


Get your head up

The correct posture for a submissive is important. If their chin drops, lift it. Have them take pride in being YOUR submissive.


Look Up, Dark Bounty

Ebony model dark bounty looks up

Ebony model Dark Bounty contemplates bondage and submission.

Black Mistress & white slave

Training the White Boy : race play erotica

Ebony mistress in wetlook catsuit with her back to the camera

Neil likes his women tall, slim and blonde. But when he meets Femi, a small, curvy Nigerian woman, his world is turned upside down.


The Minister for Equality is submissive to a Black Mistress

The white Minister for Equality is submissive to a black dominatrix and craves humiliation for his race. Will his BDSM lifestyle stay secret?


Chantz Marie waits patiently

A serene feeling descended over Chantz Marie as she was tied.


Quick run down on today’s shoot

Two ebony women in fetish catsuit

Had another bondage shoot today, third since the site took a relaunch. I was supposed to shoot with three women, only one vanished. I don’t mean she didn’t turn up, I mean she literally vanished off the face of the earth. Fortunately things continued with the other two models – Chantz Marie and Josie L. […]


Kesetta : latex ass

Black girl in latex catsuit

Kesetta rocks the latex in this image. A combination of catsuit and corset shows her feature off to perfection.