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How long does a bondage photo shoot last?

Black and white photograph of a woman in a spandex catsuit tied up on the floor looking into the camera

If you’re thinking about starting out in bondage photography you might wonder how long to book a studio for. Here’s a rough guide.


Remembering my old home studio

Black and white photograph of a white woman with her hands tied behind her back, looking to the right.

When I had a home studio, my work was fun and creative. I had flexibility to do what I wanted and when. Maybe I should put a new one together.


How much detail to include? A challenge for fetish writers

Image of a woman in bondage shown as a dark silhouette on a green background

Fetish fiction writers can linger on details about the smell of latex or the feel of the whip. Is it better to trust the reader?


Taking care of latex clothes

Photo of latex care products in their bottles including Vivishine and Pjur Cult

A few minutes invested in caring for your rubber wear will save you hundreds of dollars replacing worn out or damaged latex clothes.


A bad weekend

Black and white photo of a man tying hands behind back

Our plans for a couple of hours of kinky fun came to nothing as a malaise overtook me. Perhaps my mood will lift.


A day in latex (or why ignoring your fetish for a few months is bad for your mental health)

Photograph of a man in a latex gesturing to the camera

After months of letting the vanilla world get the better of me, I gave my sexuality free reign. Welcome back, latex loving Razz!


Sex shops and bondage magazines: what the download generation are missing

Scan of the inside of a bondage magazine showing a young woman tied up by train tracks

Easy access to porn downloads is robbing us of a vital part of our sexual education – the thrill of buying bondage magazines in sex shops.


American Horror Story: appropriation of the fetish culture?

Scenes from An American Horror Story Rubber (Wo)man

The latest AHS story has a latex gimp as a central character. Is is appropriation from the latex fetish subculture?


PornHub and Mastercard: a battle for our sextertainment

As Mastercard and Visa crack down on Pornhub, the question has to be asked: who will be next?


Don’t let someone else’s writing upset your kinky Mental Health

Bound hands behind back

Wrapping yourself up in knots over the latest writing about your fetish isn’t good for your mental health. Relax. Unwind. Enjoy it for what it is.


Japan, swimsuits and being uncomfortable

Photograph of a Japanese woman showing her body in a skimpy wetlook bodysuit

Japan’s preference for young girls posting in swimsuits can create a moral dilemma for fetishists. Are you sure that image isn’t banned in your own country?


Master or slave? What fetish role do I play?

Man on bed in leather sleep sack with cock exposed and sex toys

Roles in BDSM can be fluid things. There are times when the most dominant of people crave moments of submission. This is how to satisfy those needs.

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