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Taking care of latex clothes

Photo of latex care products in their bottles including Vivishine and Pjur Cult

A few minutes invested in caring for your rubber wear will save you hundreds of dollars replacing worn out or damaged latex clothes.


A flash of memory triggered by a latex catsuit

Photo of a slim woman or girl in a black latex catsuit, high heel boots and red top standing next to a hedge

A photograph prompts memories of happier times when I toured the UK countryside with models happy to wear a latex catsuit in public.


Rebekka in bondage

Photograph of a young woman with black hair in a long latex dress sitting on a sofa

The gorgeous Rebekka Raynor tied up in long rubber dress. What’s not to like?


A day in latex (or why ignoring your fetish for a few months is bad for your mental health)

Photograph of a man in a latex gesturing to the camera

After months of letting the vanilla world get the better of me, I gave my sexuality free reign. Welcome back, latex loving Razz!


A latex shoot from years ago

Photograph of a woman in a red and black latex catsuit standing in a field

From one of the few latex photoshoots I did. Taken years ago in a field somewhere in England.


Loose rubber

Photograph of a man in a loose latex rubber suit and gas mask

Not all latex has to be tight and black to be fun – as my trusty rubber funsuit proves.


American Horror Story: appropriation of the fetish culture?

Scenes from An American Horror Story Rubber (Wo)man

The latest AHS story has a latex gimp as a central character. Is is appropriation from the latex fetish subculture?

The Rubber Stories

Sugar Baby Domme

A latex fetish makes it hard for William to date, so he hooks up with Kelly, a down to earth sugar baby. Will she become his fantasy domme?


Watching women in latex: a way I like to relax

Video screen shot of a woman's bottom as she walks wearing latex catsuit and corset

When I need to relax I fire up a second monitor, load a video of a woman in latex walking the streets, and the world becomes a better place


A little rubber fun

Black and white photograph of a young woman in a latex rubber bodysuit wearing goggles and holding a whip

A forgotten photo of Sinead channelling her inner Steampunk Domme.


We should credit the creators when we retweet great images

We all share images and videos on Twitter, but we don’t always credit the creator. It’s time to start showing our appreciation with an RT.


There are times I wonder if a fetish is worth the hassle

Sometimes having a rubber fetish can seem like too much hassle. Or maybe this is just another quarantine fueled dip.

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