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Random thoughts

Do you wear rubber when you shoot?

The topic of what clothes I wear on a fetish shoot came up in conversation with a model. Here’s my take on what works for me.


When TFP meant something different to a pro-domme

A contact from a pro-domme asking for a shoot to build her website went in an unexpected direction. Perhaps TFP means something different to a dominatrix?


Saturday, 1st December 2018

I want to change the way I photograph. Sure, I’ll work with models. Maybe more than I did in ’18.

Only I want to spend less time in the studio, more time working with “real” people.

To Blackmail a Dominatrix

Risa has everything: a good job, a relaxed lifestyle and a husband who worships her. Now she's being blackmailed to be a Gaijin's submissive.

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I want to document.

I want to capture couples enjoying their fetish.

Mistresses rewarding their slaves.

Masters binding their submissives.

Love deserves to be documented and shared, particularly when it is seen as subversive and damaging by a moral minority who do not understand the complexities of human nature.


Here we go again (a lament on fake models)

Girl in spandex catsuit poses on her bed

Being a fetish photographer sometimes attracts the wrong sort of people. Like those who claim to be female models, but turn out to be guys after a wank.


A beginner’s guide to being a fetish photographer

Dominatrix ties her submissive slave girl

Quite often I get approached by people who want to start taking fetish and bondage photographs. What follows is a bit of a brain dump about how to approach those first shoots based on my experience and the numerous conversations I’ve had with models and photographers over the years. If you’ve suggestions for improvements or […]


You get to fuck your models? How lucky are you?

Bad dolly on hands and knees on bed

The most common assumption about a bondage and fetish photographer is we have sex with our models. Nothing could be further from the truth.


Spent a couple of hours uploading old images

Bad dolly on hands and knees on bed

After I trashed the blog in a major “I just need some space” moment I decided to upload some of the old ones to fill a bit of space and help the old search engine rankings a bit. I realised the way I’d built the blog made this a bit of a nightmare. It picks […]

Random thoughts

Rebuilding the portfolio

Bad dolly on hands and knees on bed

Slowly I’m rebuilding my online portfolio. Even after some ruthless pruning I’m still running at over a hundred images to post. And now I’ve done another couple of shoots I have even more images to upload and share. I’m not just uploading everything that went before though. I’m increasing the resolution so the images are […]


Wednesday, 20th January 2016

This is probably a profile that isn’t going to win fans. If you’re a photographer and you’re hoping to connect on social media with models it’s best to keep it professional.

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