Race Play

Using someone’s race as part of the BDSM dynamic is deeply insulting for some, an incredible thrill for others. Don’t judge.

An aside

Banned on Amazon: Daddy’s Little Bunny

Banned on Amazon: Daddy’s Little Bunny

Amazon wouldn’t let me publish this on KDP. They never told me why. Still, their loss, Smashword’s gain(!)

Riding the bus in her schoolgirl uniform, Bunny draws a lot of attention. Unsurprising as she’s beautiful, black and a little too old for the short skirt and jumper.

When she turns up at her older lover’s home an evening of intimate pleasure starts that will change her life forever. As she’s told off, spanked and dominated she gives herself completely to the man she calls “Daddy”.

Lil’ Bunny is a 10,000 word love story that features interracial age play, spanking and domination. It is not for the easily offended.

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