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Writing the perfect social media fetish profile

Writing the perfect social media fetish profile

Writing a fetish profile is a labour of love for some, a terrifying ordeal for others. On Fetlife you can write entire novels, on Twitter you have less than 150 characters.

So how do you get those words onto the page.

First, be natural. Write what you feel rather than trying to conform to some preordained “winning format”.

Don’t think you have to write something and that’s it. You can rewrite it as often as you want.

Finally, don’t forget few people read profiles. You’re better off investing time in networking, sharing blog posts and being a participant in a community than fretting over a few words on a page.

An aside

And the fuckwittery continues

And the fuckwittery continues

A few days ago I posted about people being dicks on Google+. Here’s the follow up to the thread.

I guess some people never learn…

An aside

Not everyone in these photos is into BDSM

Seen on a Fetlife profile…

Please note that not all the people in my photos are into bdsm or part of the community … Please respect their privacy by not sharing my photos”

Or how about YOU respect their privacy by not posting them in the first place?

An aside

True Story

Could we have a photo, they said.

Of course, I said and sent one.

Of you, they said.

Don’t be silly, I said.

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