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Bondage with Freya

Black and white photograph of a woman with her hands tied behind her back in rope and wearing a spandex catsuit or unitard

From a bondage photo session in a hot glass house, Freya has her hands tied behind her back.


Rebekah Raynor: spandex, bondage, what’s not to like?

Fetish model Rebekah wears a tight black spandex catsuit and corset for this flashback bondage and fetish shoot from the archives.


Spandex catsuits: a blast from the (fetish) past with Turkish

Another lockdown means diving into the fetish image archive once more. Here is fetish model Turkish in a gorgeous spandex catsuit or two.


The shop where my fetish grew up

My first fetish clothes didn’t come from a sex shop. They were bought from an elderly lady in the town keeping a store open as something to do


Sabina in red spandex bondage

A long forgotten shoot featuring Sabina in red spandex catsuit and rope bondage.



An apology to my regular readers for not updating the blog as often as I should.


Damn, I miss Zentai

Zentai is a fetish where a person covers themselves entirely in spandex. It’s a liberating fetish, and easier than total latex enclosure or heavy rubber.


Curves in spandex

A beautiful woman with curves and spandex. What’s not to like?


Sunday, 13th October 2019


Just vanilla

Bad Dolly poses by a window in Spandex

Bad Dolly features in a moody portrait shot. No fetish, no bondage. Just an attractive young woman.


Back to back they faced each other

Two models in photoshoot laughing

Harley and Alisha are bound together. Small problem: Alisha is about five feet tall and Harley a good six inches taller. It made for some interesting manoeuvring as we worked the shoot through.


Sunday, 29th May 2016

Rope can be used as a blindfold too.

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